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"The habit of grinding teeth is commonly a nocturnal activity which can lead to wear on the tooth enamel.  In severe situations, the softer inner layer of dentin can be exposed leading to extensive loss of tooth structure."


Common signs of a Bruxism habit are irregular edges on the teeth or continued chipping of the thin edges.  The teeth may become sensitive to cold liquids or air due to exposure of the inner layer of the teeth (dentin). 



The tips of some teeth may appear flattened or dull due to wear.  A yellow colour may be apparent due to exposure of dentin which is softer and darker than enamel.  The dentin may be sensitive to contact with sweets, hot/cold, or brushing. 


The teeth can appear significantly shorter and also affect the smile (i.e. upper teeth are hidden by the upper lip).  The jaw muscles may also be sore or tight after a night of continuous grinding.


Extreme wear on the molars can demonstrate "yellow" islands of dentin.   The teeth may tend to "mash" the food rather than grind due to the flattened surfaces.  Restoring these teeth can become more difficult if the tooth foundation becomes too short or fragile.




There may be several approaches to the treatment of this form of tooth damage.   Prevention at an early age is vitally important as this can help to reduce significant wear from an undetected long-term grinding habit.  The habit of Bruxism is difficult (if not impossible) to control, however there are several oral appliances that can reduce the damage to the teeth.  Restoring the teeth may be necessary to preserve or extend the function of the teeth.  Again, several options and materials are available. 

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