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Prosthodontics on Chamberlain is centrally located in Ottawa for your convenience.  Our office location has proven to be valuable to the many patients that come to us from nearby or from many hours away.  Equally appreciated is the FREE PARKING that will certainly aid in your worry free arrival.  We are also located minutes from the Ottawa Bus Terminal as well as several OC-Transpo Bus stops. 



P A T I E N T    R E F E R R A L S

(for DENTISTS and other Health Professionals)

If you are a Dentist or Health professional and wish to refer a new patient, please help us by completing a Patient Referral Form and forwarding it and any relevant radiographs/study models to our office.  After seeing your patient, we will respond with a written report of our assessment.  The form can be FAXED to 613-233-6785.



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Prosthodontics on Chamberlain -30 Chamberlain Ave., Ottawa, Ontario serving Ottawa/Gatineau/Kanata/Orleans -National Capital Region 

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Implant & Prosthetic Dentistry
30 Chamberlain Ave.
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada   K1S 1V9

Tel:  613-233-2787



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WEBSITE:  www.ottawasmile.com


7:30am – 4:00pm


7:30am – 4:00pm


7:30am – 4:00pm


7:30am – 4:00pm


By appointment only

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During your initial consultation we will first review your medical and dental history.  A discussion about your primary dental concern(s) will be identified.   A thorough oral exam will be performed to then determine the existing problem(s).  Occasionally, another appointment is needed to obtain more vital diagnostic information such as study models of the teeth, radiographs, or 3D imaging.  A referral to other specialists may be necessary to optimize the overall prosthetic result.

We will then provide a plan for treatment as well as available options.  Typically, each of the treatment options has varying risks and benefits that will be thoroughly discussed.  The primary treatment plan will be custom tailored for you from the expertise of an experienced dental specialist.

The initial consultation usually requires 30-45 minutes.







Take the Bronson Ave. exit (Exit 121A) from the Queensway (417).  Turn left at Bronson.  After passing under the Queensway, turn left at Imperial Ave.  (At Drummond gas station).  Continue along until you reach 30 Chamberlain Ave. 



Take the Bronson Ave. exit (Exit 121A) from the Queensway (417).  Turn right at Bronson Ave.  Immediately merge on the left lane.  Turn left onto Imperial Ave.  (At Drummond gas station).  Continue along until you reach 30 Chamberlain Ave.  




Free parking is reserved beside our building.




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