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I M P L A N T   O V E R D E N T U R E S  - C o m m o n   q u e s t i o n s ?


1. How much maintenance is involved?

Proper hygiene is required for the implant components. However, cleaning is usually fairly easy.

Replacement of clips or attachments are generally required. Most of these attachments are made of a nylon/plastic material and last about 1 year (replacement time is based on denture usage).

Denture relining will be needed as the supporting tissues resorb (shrink). This procedure may be required every 4-6 years depending on bone quality.

Routine hygiene appointments will be required at the dental office. We will monitor health of the tissues, components, and implants.


2. Comfort and Stability with Overdentures

You will find a significant improvement with the stability of the dentures due to the implants. Some minor amounts of debris may slide under the dentures. This depends on the number of implants that retain the overdenture. More implants generally provide more stability.


3. Can I wear a denture while after the implants are placed in the jaw?

The denture should not be worn for atleast one week while the gums are healing.  Soft foods (like pasta, fish or soup) should be carefully eaten for about two weeks.  The first few weeks are important for proper implant healing so very little pressure should be applied to the gums.  The denture can be worn at the second to third week.  We will place a temporary soft liner for the denture to improve retention of the denture.


4.  How long will treatment take? 

If the bone is abundant, healthy, and dense, the implants may only require 2-3 months of healing.  However, delays may occur if bone grafting is required to enlarge the boney base.  Fabrication of the the new dentures will usually take about 4-6 appointments.


5.  What is the difference between a Bar-type overdenture and "Clip-on" type of overdenture?

The Bar-type overdenture has a custom made titanium or cast gold alloy bar which is attached to the implants.  The bar helps to secure the implants and also provide good retention for the overdenture.  Usually a minimum of 3-4 implants are needed to support a bar.  These types of overdentures can offer the optimal retention and stabilily.  The Bar is generally more bulky than the "Clip-on" style.  The "Clip-on"   (i.e. Locator abutment) is very easy to maintain.  The "Clip-on parts in the denture will need replacement about every year due to wear.


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