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Dental Occlusion

Occlusion relates to the bite.  It is very important that the bite be stable and balanced to provide comfortable chewing function.  The loss of a single tooth can sometimes lead to drifting teeth, gingival problems and even headaches (TMJ disorders) due to tooth interferences. 

The specialty of PROSTHODONTICS focuses particular attention to the overall occlusion.  It is vital that the bite be evaluated and then properly adjusted with each treatment, whether it be a single filling or full mouth reconstruction.


Our typical examination will look for the following which could lead to more serious dental problems:

1.  Loose teeth

2.  Missing teeth

3.  Unusual biting contacts (ie. one tooth causing the bite to shift sideways...)

4.  Pain on teeth during biting

5.  Shifting teeth

6.  Heavily restored teeth that are prone to fracture

7.  Teeth with crack lines or heavy wear

8.  Deep bite

9.  Overjet bite

10. Crossbite 

11. Crowded teeth

12. Teeth with Periodontal disease

13. Collapsed bite (due to missing teeth)


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