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Temporary Teeth for Implant Treatment




A replacement tooth or teeth will be needed during the implant treatment phase, especially a front tooth.  There are various options to consider.  The temporary tooth may be needed for several months depending on the course of healing for the implant.  In some ideal situations, it may be possible to place an immediate tooth in the implant thereby elimination the need for a transitional (temporary) appliance.



Above is a temporary appliance is called an "Essix" retainer.  It is commonly used in orthodontic treatment as a final retainer which prevents shifting of the teeth.  In this situation it replaces the two missing upper front teeth which will be replaced with dental implant-crowns.  The plastic extensions hug the existing upper teeth and suspend the white acrylic temporary teeth.  It is generally worn for cosmetic purposes.  The patient in the above phot is wearing this particular appliance.



   Acrylic Transitional Partial Appliance  (FLIPPER)

This acrylic appliance has been the traditonal replacement for anterior teeth for many years.  It is a removable appliance and is worn during the daytime.  It can be constructed before the tooth is removed so the patient leaves the surgical appointment with "teeth".  compared to the Essix Retainer, the patients teeth occlude better wiht this appliance.  Therefore most patients find that the "flipper' may be better for eating that the Essix.  Occasionally, in the privacy of one's home, some patients will remove the flipper to eat.  This particular appliance replaces the same upper front two teeth as the Essix retainer. 


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